091 - [#AskRuffini] - Touring, practice, networking and confidence

This is a new series that I will be doing between the interview…
Calvin Rodgers Interview

090 - Silencing your critics with Calvin Rodgers

In this podcast I talk to iconic Gospel drummer, Calvin Rodgers who…
Pat Petrillo

088 - Pat Petrillo: Adapting and Authenticity

In this podcast I talk to master drummer and teacher, Pat Petrillo.…
Greg Hutchinson

086 - Greg Hutchinson: Making the music feel good

In this podcast I talk to Jazz powerhouse, Greg Hutchinson.  
Top 10 interviews of 2014

The Top 10 Drummer's Resource Interviews of 2014

  Out of the 70 interviews that I did in 2014, these…

084 - 7 steps towards achieving your best year ever.

I know that we've all been there before.  We've talked about…
Carmine Appice

083 - Carmine Appice: Shaping the landscape of Rock Music

In this podcast I chat with the rocker himself, Mr Carmine Appice.…
Robin Dimaggio
Prologix Percussion