Erik Hargrove

234 – Erik Hargrove: James Brown, Bootsy and beyond…

Erik Hargrove, most notably known for his 7 year stint with James Brown, followed by working with Bootsy Collins, has a story all his own. The twisting tale of the Washington, PA -born Hargrove has brought him around the world, eventually landing him in Asia. He has performed with many of Thailand’s most famous musicians and served as musical director and Drummer / Percussionist for a Franco Dragone Production in the Yunnan Province of China called The Dai Show. In 2015, Erik finished touring with Bootsy, currently lives in Singapore and tours Asia and beyond.

Erik Hargrove talks about:

  • How he got into playing drums
  • Serving (and playing) in the military
  • Ending up in Augusta, GA
  • How he landed the James Brown gig
  • The first James Brown gig…with NO REHEARSAL
  • What it was like working with James Brown
  • Landing in Asia
  • Advice for dealing with controversy
  • Much more

Resources / Links / People mentioned:

Erik Hargrove Plays:

  • Allegra Drums
  • Bosphprus Cymbals
  • Aquarian Cymbals
  • Audix Microphones
  • 1964 Ears
  • Rhythmtech
  • Vic Firth

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