540 - Billy Cobham: A spectrum of knowledge

This episode originally aired on August 22, 2016Billy Cobham…

538 - Who's in your circle?

In order for us to move beyond what we think is possible, we…

536 - 10 mistakes I've made (and you should avoid)

I've made so many mistakes in my career as a drummer that I…

535 - [Daniel Glass Show]: Yes, Rudiments Do Matter. Here's 5 Reasons Why.

Although rudiments are the building blocks of every beat, pattern,…
Anton Fig

534 - Anton Fig: Life, Letterman and Beyond

Anton Fig has had a storied career by anyone’s standards.…
motion and progress

533 - Motion VS Progress

If you ask anyone how they're doing, nine times out of ten they'll…
Vlade Guigni

532 - Vlade Guigni: Running down a dream

Vlade Guigni can accurately be labeled as hard-working, passionate,…

531 - SPECIAL EDITION: Uncut with Nick Ruffini

In this special edition of the podcast, I share an episode from…

529 - Is your ego getting in your way?

We all have an ego. Yes, you too. The thing most people don't…
Frank Zummo

528 - Frank Zummo (Sum 41): Keep it consistent

If there's one thing Frank Zummo embodies, it's persistence.…