520 – Jonathan Ulman: How to thrive in any city

Jonathan Ulman has a plan. And although it may include working with a-list clients, appearing on magazine covers, and winning awards (he’s won the Boston Music Awards “studio musician of the year” award three years in a row and is nominated again this year) I don’t believe it’s his focus. He’s perfectly happy doing what he loves, staying true to himself and perfecting his craft, whether it’s drumming, photography, business or being a dad.

Jonathan has built a burgeoning career in the Boston area and is proof that if you work hard at your craft and stay focused, success is a probably byproduct…even if you don’t live in a major music city.

Jonathan Ulman talks about:

  • Learning to play on a snare drum at 9 years old
  • Having a passion for the instrument
  • Finding where your value lies
  • The negative impact of social media
  • Controlling your career and destiny
  • What it means to be successful
  • Growing up and starting a career in Boston
  • Marketing himself as a brand
  • Much more

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