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446 – The dirtiest secret in drumming & social media

Social media is great! I use it every day and my podcast is possible because of social media and the power it has to reach millions of people around the world, for free. But, when used incorrectly it cause cause the most disastrous outcomes. Everyone is hiding something when it comes to their social media accounts, including the drumming community.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    My advice to the young drummer mentioned in this podcast….don’t try to be someone else. Be you. Take what you hear and like and turn it into you. As you mature and gain experience, your inspirations will show as will your hard work and dedication.
    I’ve been drumming over 44 years and still grabbing ideas from wherever and whomever I can find. Listen to many different genres and styles of music not just drummers because you never know when or where inspiration will surface.

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