Grant Menefee

258 – Grant Menefee: The professional drummer’s instructor

Grant Menefee may not be a household name but you’ve definitely heard or seen his impact on the drumming world. As a graduate from Berklee School of Music and master educator, Grant has shaped the playing of many A-list players, including: Nate Morton (The Voice), Matt Halpern (Periphery), and Jon Theadore (The Mars Volta / Queens of the Stone Age). Grants unique style and commitment to not only helping students master the instrument but serving as their biggest supporter has landed Grant among the who’s who of instructors…so much so that he has a waiting list of eager drummers who want to study with him.

Grant Menefee talks about:

  • Getting into playing at an early age
  • His time at Berklee
  • Dealing with ego
  • The lifelong journey of mastering the instrument (or attempting to)
  • Talent and skill
  • Practice techniques
  • The importance of consistency
  • Building your foundation
  • Much more

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