Frank Zummo

528 – Frank Zummo (Sum 41): Keep it consistent

If there’s one thing Frank Zummo embodies, it’s persistence. The Long Island native moved to Los Angeles with a dream, his drums and a car full of clothes. Although the gigs were few and far between when he arrived, his work ethic and relentless pursuit of his goals started to pay off. His passion project, Street Drum Corps, turned into a touring act on the Warped Tour, and a full-fledged business, staffing percussionists at theme parks around the country. From there Zummo went on to join Sum 41, sub for Tommy Lee after a hand injury a has built a resume as both a sideman and a composer.

We unpack the skills necessary to reach your goals and overcoming the struggle and self-doubt associated with BIG dreams.

Frank Zummo talks about:

  • The non-glamorous side of touring
  • Embracing change in the music industry
  • Starting and managing Street Drum Corps
  • Breaking into the music industry through theme parks
  • Time management and how to focus on getting things done
  • How to take the steps to change your career to line up with your passion
  • Much more

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