Jose Medeles

466 – Jose Medeles: The Stoic Drummer

Jose Medeles is hard person to define. He’s a professional drummer for the 1939 Ensemble, owner of the renowned Revival Drum shop and most recently an author.

This conversation focuses on Jose’s book,”The Stoic Drummer.” Born out of personal struggles, Medeles’s book is drummer’s take on Stoic Philosophy – a mindset and life blueprint that has served both Jose and millions of others dating back to early 3rd century BC.

Jose Medeles talks about:

  • Getting into drums growing up
  • How drumming determined most of his decisions in his early 20s
  • The importance of being focused and obsessed with your goals
  • His advice for early-stage business owners
  • How his business challenges led him to find Stoicism
  • Basics of Stoicism
  • Why he wrote The Stoic Drummer
  • How staying always true to himself has benefited him time and time again

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