G Love

223 – G. Love talks: drummers, authenticity, and the keys to a lasting career

In this podcast I chat with Philly’s own, G. Love. G has been performing for over 20 years to crowds around the world as a solo artist and with his band “Special Sauce”. Starting as a street musician in Philly and Boston, G has managed to string together a successful career through authenticity, relentless work ethic and a focus on business.

“In the entertainment business, the biggest gift you could ever get is not an Oscar, it’s not a Grammy, it’s longevity.” – Christian Kane

G. Love talks about:

  • Starting as a street musician
  • How he met his band
  • What he looks for in drummers
  • Finding your own sound
  • Being true to your authentic self
  • The importance of business skills
  • Approaches to creating an album
  • Much more

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