Michael Windish

304 – How to create your own opportunities with Michael Windish

Michael Windish is a prime example of what happens when you work hard. Through his hard work Mike has moved up the ranks as a theme park performer, turned drummer for Chubby Checker and later became his music director and tour manager. He’s also followed his intuition by starting his own music and production company that provides musicians and production services for theme parks, cruise ships and much more. Gracefully transitioning form one career to the next, Mike takes advantage of every opportunity and patiently and quietly outworks the competition. If you get one thing from this conversation you’ll realize hard work and initiative are the differentiators.

Michael Windish talks about:

  • His early start in music
  • Loving every step of the process
  • His first gig at a theme park
  • How he worked his way up the ranks at Hershey Park
  • A chance meeting and gig with Chubby Checker
  • Becoming Chubby’s tour manager
  • Why he decided to stop touring
  • Starting Windish Music and Productions 
  • How to find gigs and auditions
  • Much more

Resources / Links / people mentioned:

Michael Windish Plays:

  • Bosphorus Cymbals
  • Vic Firth Sticks
  • Drumtacs

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