495 – Larone “Skeeter” McMillian: Respect the Music

Larone “Skeeter” McMillian, started playing in church like a lot of guys but where he went from there is a story all his own.
From an early age, Larone got into multiple different styles, including Jazz, and fusion. The result is a career that has led him to the drum throne supporting artists like JoJo, Jennifer Hudson, Genuwine, and Montell Jordan getting mentored by Ray Chu and becoming the house drummer in the Appollo Theater.

In this podcast you’ll hear Larone “Skeeter” McMillian talk about:

  • Growing up in a musical environment in Hartford, Connecticut
  • How to discern talented drummers in today’s internet
  • Being inspired vs. being influenced by a drummer
  • Aiming to be undeniable as a professional drummer
  • How he conceptualizes groove & chops
  • New up and coming drummers he admires
  • His new project ‘4U’, which celebrates the music of Prince
  • Much more

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