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309 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Tackling Life, Pt. 1: Preparation

In this session, Daniel defines his philosophy of “tackling life,” and discusses how PREPARATION on many levels can help us achieve our goals, even if we don’t know exactly what we’re preparing for.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Daniel recounts his first two gigs with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, which were essentially an audition. There was no rehearsal, so preparation was key!
  • The following concepts are discussed:
    • Why “luck” only happens when opportunity meets preparation.
    • Why it’s so important to have much more “under the hood” than what you actually use onstage.
    • The importance of defining specific goals.
    • Musical and non-musical types of preparation.
    • Why being able to play a part and actually making music are two different things.
    • How to start preparing today for your next opportunity, even if you are not clear what form it will take. Trust me, it’s out there, and you want to be ready when it comes.

Resources/Links/People Mentioned:

  • Daniel plays a short drum solo with the Brian Setzer Orchestra.
  • John Riley’s excellent DVD “The Master Drummer” talks about “being the Ferrari.”
  • Gregg Field throwing down with the Count Basie Orchestra in the early 1980s. Gregg’s childhood dreams of playing with Basie came true … but only because he was PREPARED when the opportunity presented itself.

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      Nick says:

      Since Daniel’s podcasts were originally released on his platform we’re migrating his episodes one at a time for the Drummer’s Resource audience. After that there will be new episodes coming, which will be happening in a few weeks.

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