How your drumming habits can improve your life

168 – How your drumming habits can improve your overall life

“How a person does one thing is how they do everything” – Zen Saying (Tweet this)

Is this true for you? Are you as disciplined and dedicated to all aspects of your life as you are with your drumming? Do you make time for paradiddles but not for the gym? Life is all about balance and there’s no shortage of information (whether good or bad) to help you gain more balance in your life. One way, for me, is to learn form other aspects of my life like the Zen saying suggests.

If I’m having problems with my left hand, I look to my right for guidance. I mirror my right hand with my left hand and learn what I’m doing wrong or where I can improve.

Why not take the same approach with drumming and life? We can use the same disciplines we’ve developed though music to effect change in our lives. This podcast will show you how.

“Life is like cooking. It all depends on what you add and how you mix it. Sometimes you follow the recipe and other times, you’re creative.”

Resources and Links Mentioned:

I’ve borrowed the wheel of life from Tony Robbins. It’s a simple construct that helps you grade each area of focus every week. For areas where you grade yourself low (on a scale of 1 to 10), you dedicate some time and focus to boost your rating — say from a 4/10 to a 7/10.

Your wheel of life is structured as a circle and the areas you want to focus on are included as spokes on the circle, like this: 

Wheel of Life

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