Charlie Hall

379 – Charlie Hall (The War on Drugs): The balance of drums and life

Charlie Hall is a man of many experiences having moved around the country in a variety of jobs including, the hospitality business, school teacher and social worker. After a brief stint in 2008 and since 2013 Charlie has been manning the throne for the Grammy Winning band, The War on Drugs. While music is what he does full-time, it wasn’t always that way and he’s 100% ok with that – music is part of his life and always has been, but he doesn’t let it define him.

Charlie Hall talk about:

  • His early childhood and playing multiple instruments
  • Finding “his” band
  • The influence of older siblings
  • Developing balance with life and drums
  • Playing drums full-time and why it’s not the “end all, be all”
  • Tips on networking and making connections in a new town
  • The supportive community of drummers
  • His strengths in groove and inner-clock
  • How he got the gig with The War on Drugs
  • The working dynamic of The War on Drums
  • Balancing family life with life on the road
  • How he practices mindfulness, spirituality and presence
  • Technology and how it affects the live performance
  • Much more

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