Mark Guiliana

478 – Mark Guiliana: Art over commerce

Mark Guiliana is an artist. Not because he’s a drummer, but because he lives and dies by his ability to express himself artistically. Although getting started behind the kit comparatively later than most people (Mark started playing when he was 15) he’s grown into one of the most accomplished and respected musicians of our generation. As a leader, Mark proves to be both versatile and exemplary and is revered for his work with David Bowie, Brad Mehldau, and many others.

I really cherish my relationship with the drums, and with music…and it fills me with joy. I’m really afraid to tarnish that relationship. -Mark Guiliana

In this podcast you’ll hear Mark Guiliana talk about:

  • Parallels between drumming and sports
  • Physicality vs. musicality in drumming
  • How to prioritize the music over drum-focused licks & chops
  • Developing creativity and musical awareness
  • Keeping a pure relationship with drums and drumming
  • How he’s changed in the las 10 years
  • His new record, Beat Music
  • Thoughts on developing his own sound
  • His thoughts on concepts like ‘legacy’ and ‘fame’
  • Much more

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