Alvin Ford, jr

437 – Alvin Ford, Jr. (Trombone Shorty): A dreamer and a doer

New Orleans native Alvin Ford, Jr, has been playing drums since he was a young kid. His path has lead him around the world, honoring the New Orleans tradition with acts like Dumpstaphunk and Trombone Shorty. Although we never know where our path will lead, it’s important to keep pushing forward towards our goals and nobody embodies that like Alvin. A testament to that resolve is the fact that at one point he was sitting on the floor of his house, plotting out what he wanted his career to look like…even though at the time he had zero gigs. Fast forward and Alvin is doing exactly what he planned on doing and most impressively, he’s playing alongside his kindergarten friend who also plays drums in Trombone Shorty.

Alvin Ford Jr. talks about:

  • Touring with Trombone Shorty
  • Playing live with another drummer and a percussionist
  • His strengths and weaknesses as a drummer
  • How he got reprimanded in the past for overplaying
  • The birth of his daughter inspiring him as a musician
  • How preparation always precedes opportunity
  • Landing his first big gig
  • What he learned from sharing a tour with Stanton Moore
  • The power of hard work and perseverance
  • Much more

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