291 – Drumming in the YouTube era

No doubt about it, YouTube has changed the landscape of drumming forever. From YouTube stars and drummers landing the “dream gig” after someone saw their video to countless footage of the greatest drummers in the world. As with any technology there is a good and bad that’s associated with it, YouTube included. We have the tendency to follow the pack and rather than producing content that’s unique to our skill-set and show what makes us “us”, we try to be like everyone else. It’s human nature! But, if you want to set yourself apart and give yourself the best chance of succeeding with YouTube, I suggest you stay true to yourself and your goals.


“Like all tools, modern technology has produced some wonderful moments in music…and some horrors.”

-Hugh Hopper

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Youtube is a great way to promote yourself, however, there are no rules to how you get hired for a gig or get clinics and so, cuz when someone likes what your are doing and are serious, they will contact you simply cuz they saw and heard you play, chops or no chops, thou I hear what your saying but its not a 100% like that, you would be surprised to know who got certain gigs cuz of them playing chops and so just playing the groove.

    • Nick
      Nick says:


      I’m not saying that chops won’t get you the gig…I’m saying that if you’re trying to get a pop gig, the best way set yourself up to get a gig is to showcase the skills that people are looking for for those particular gigs.

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