Alan Evans

439 – Alan Evans (Soulive / Matador! Soul Sounds) Be Different

Alan Evans has had a successful career as a drummer, multi-instrumentalist and producer spanning decades and winding through many musical genres. As a founding member of Soulive, Evans toured the world, and collaborated with artists like Dave Matthews, Black Thought, and many others. Now that his focus has shifted to working in the studio, you may not see him on the road as much, but his presence is still felt in the music world, crafting the perfect sound for artists around the globe.

Alan Evans talks about:

  • Playing drums his entire life
  • Gigging professionally at 16 years old
  • Why he decided to skip college / music school
  • Why he almost quit playing drums and how it drastically changed his playing
  • Why it’s important to focus on being different than other players, not “better” than other players
  • Transitioning from non-stop touring to working in the studio more
  • Much more

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  1. John
    John says:

    Some great inspiration and learning items in this interview. Learning to be oneself and knowing one’s gifts isn’t spoken of much between peers and others. Keep up the good work, Nick .

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