Louis Marks

362 – Louis Marks (Ropeadope Records): David VS Goliath

In the ever changing world of the music business, labels big and small have to live by one premise: Adapt or die. Louis Marks of Ropeadope Records has adapted, and then some. Overcoming a rough era in the business with the decline of physical sales, the increase in pirated music and the move to streaming Louis has been forced to revamp and even relocate his label. Now, in 2018 Louis and Ropeadope are poised for a stellar year with dozens of releases scheduled.

Louis Marks talks about:

  • How he got into the music business initially through e-commerce
  • Hurricane Katrina’s influence on Ropeadope Records
  • Louis’ approach to learning
  • Growing up in an entrepreneurial family
  • The changes that made him slim down and relocate the label
  • How artists are making money now with streaming
  • The benefits of a boutique label
  • Why he’s extremely optimistic about the music business
  • How they survive as a small label
  • Thoughts on streaming rates (royalties)
  • When it’s time for a band to approach a label
  • Much more

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