Jeremy Hummel

393 – Thriving as a band leader and educator with Jeremy Hummel

Jeremy Hummel has been a pro drummer for years and is someone who knows a thing or two about thinking outside the box. As a founding member of the multi-platinum band Breaking Benjamin, Jeremy was forced to make some shifts in his career when he left the band. Not one to site around and wait for things to happen Jeremy started and manages a corporate band (Into The Spin), created an impressive teaching business and created a unique way of attracting and engaging new students.

Jeremy Hummel talks about:

  • The importance of having focused and clear goals
  • His RPM Program for teaching drum lessons
  • The trap of “perfection” and why it’s better to start now
  • The benefits of group lessons, both for students and for instructors
  • The benefit of doing drumming presentations in schools
  • Why grit and persistence are keys to success in drumming and life
  • The power of the “ask” and why you should ask more often
  • How Jeremy founded  his band,  “Into The Spin”
  • How he quickly started getting gigs in higher-echelon venues
  • Much more

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