Toss Panos

455 – Toss Panos: Open and aware

Toss Panos, the Greek-born, longtime Southern California resident may fly under the radar a bit but let’s be clear, Toss is the real deal with the credentials to back it up. Toss is arguably one of the most impressive players on the scene with a 40-year career and a resume that boats working with Dweezil Zappa, Sting, Steven Stills, Paul Rodgers, Michael Landau, Robben Ford, Toy Matinee, Jude Cole, Mike Keneally, John Goodsall, Steve Vai, Mark Hart, Mel Torme, Peter Himmelman, Andy Summers, Cliff Richard, Vonda Sheppard and Eric Burdon. Toss’s ability to self-evaluate and recognize personal strengths and weaknesses has allowed him to stay in his own lane, make the music he wants to make and sustain a career for nearly four decades.

Toss Panos talks about:

  • Why he listens to lyrics for the songs on which he performs
  • Focusing on music instead of just the drums
  • How dynamics are a big part of a drummer’s sound and style
  • Listening to various styles of music and building your own sound
  • His time at the Musician’s Institute in LA, seeing Jeff Porcaro and Vinnie Colaiuta among others
  • Why he turned out one of his highest paying gigs
  • What ‘Diversity’ meant 30-40 years ago and what it means today
  • The importance of playing with other people
  • Much more

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