David Northrup

395 – David Northrup: The rollercoaster ride of a life in music

David Northrup is an industry veteran who’s resume is both diverse and impressive, having worked with Boz Scaggs, Travis Tritt, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Disco Biscuits and many others. During his career he’s experienced both ups and downs and he openly shares his journey as a lesson of how to handle a life in the music business without sacrificing everything else in the process.

David Northrup talks about:

  • Getting started with drums & percussion at fifth grade
  • How being a professional musician and being a professional athlete have similar requirements
  • Why you have to practice more intensively when you’re younger
  • How he uses visualization to set and achieve goals
  • The advice he got from legendary bass player Anthony Jackson
  • How there used to be a division between session and live drummers and why that changed
  • How he started networking when he first moved to Nashville
  • How he handled his first big recording session, where the other drummer on the record was… Jeff Porcaro
  • His past struggle with addiction and how he overcame it
  • Why pride can be counterproductive
  • His upcoming solo record and his clinic tour
  • Much more

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