Claude Coleman

104 – Claude Coleman (Ween): An incredible journey of fate and perseverance

In this podcast I talk to Claude Coleman who is best known for his work with ween, who he’s played for since the band’s inception in 1984.  Although Ween has been a steady gig for most of career, Coleman has branched off to compile an impressive studio and touring career over the past 25+ years. Not only is he a great drummer but he’s also an multi-instrumentalist (plays bass, guitar, and piano too), and at one point was an olympic hopeful in track and field.  Claude breaks down the similarities between being a star athlete and professional musician and how the motivation, dedication and focus aspects of each are quite the same for both.

“Give more than you take. That’s how you win.” – Gary Vaynerchuk (Tweet this)

As if Claude’s story isn’t impressive enough, he was also in a near-fatal car accident that has left him with a multitude of physical side effects that he is constituently woking to overcome, while still playing, touring, producing and recording.

In this session you’ll hear Claude Coleman talk about:

  • How he started playing drums
  • His days as a star athlete and olympic hopeful
  • The formation of Ween and how he got the gig
  • The music business, contracts, touring and more
  • The difference between being a “member” or “touring member” of a band
  • His near-fatal car accident
  • Current struggles and advice for anyone with chronic pain and injuries
  • The future of Ween and his involvement with them
  • Much Much More

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