Jon Bermuda Schwartz

294 – Jon Bermuda Schwartz (Weird Al Yankovic): Comedic music, serious musician

This episode was recorded at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA

Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz may be the drummer for the comedic icon Weird Al Yankovic but his career is nothing to joke about. Since 1980 Jon Bermuda Schwartz has been the backbone for the Weird Al band and has shared in the successes along the way. Amassing millions of records sold, Grammy nominations (and wins), and chart topping records, this band is the real deal. Schwartz sheds some light on the inner-workings of how the songs are crafted, the level of professionalism in the band and how they’ve continued to be successful for close to 40 years.

John “Bermuda” Schwartz talks about:

  • How he got into playing drums
  • His move to the Los Angeles area
  • The serendipitous meeting of Weird Al Yankovic
  • Advice for balancing a full time music career and a day job
  • The evolution of pop music over the years
  • Learning and adapting as you go
  • The changed landscape of the LA music scene
  • Why humility is important
  • The importance of reading music (at an elementary level, at least)
  • Much more

Resources / People / Links mentioned:

Jon Bermuda Schwartz plays:

  • Ludwig Drums
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Evans Drumheads
  • Vic Firth Drumsticks
  • Beato Bags
  • Switch Kick
  • Butt Kicker
  • Rhythm Tech
  • Brite Stuff
  • QwikStix
  • The Kelly Shu
  • Sonall Percussion
  • The RimRiser

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3 replies
  1. dave rodway
    dave rodway says:

    Another awesome drummer and podcast. Too bad Jon didn’t mention Gary Chester as an influence. Lots of drummers don’t, yet they play Brown Eyed Girl, Jim Croce and many others Gary recorded.
    No worries here. Thanks Nick for another great podcast and I can’t wait to see Jon live.8

  2. Marco Noto
    Marco Noto says:

    Enjoyed Jon’s perspective on the music business, and what it takes to get the gigs and keep them. This was an entertaining and informative session. Thanks Jon, and thanks Nick.

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