Paul Wertico

430 – Paul Wertico: Audio Masterclass

A true master of the instrument, Paul Wertico is a 7-time Grammy Award winner and is best known for his 18 years that he spent with Pat Metheny. Paul has also played with hundreds of other artist throughout his storied career. I’ve been fortunate to have Paul on the podcast twice before but this is a third conversation during a live masterclass / Q&A where we dig deep on all sorts of topics.

Paul Wertico talks about:

  • Freeing your drumming from any expectation
  • Improvising to exercise creativity
  • His favorite examples of creative drumming
  • Rudiments and dynamics as building blocks for creativity
  • How to hear the full value of notes in drumming
  • His experience playing with and around a sequencer when touring with Pat Metheny
  • His process for approaching new material
  • Teaching as a way to learn new approaches to music and technique
  • Tips for developing traditional grip
  • His favorite drummers
  • Much more

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