Michael Baker

550 – Michael Baker (Gavin DeGraw): Do what feels right

Michael Baker, the sideman for acts like Colbie Caillat, Andy Grammer, Orianthi, Gavin DeGraw, and others says he feels right at home backing up artists. That’s what’s most impressive about Michael – he knows who he is. This strong sense of self has not only served him well with his employers but also allowed him to create his own way of learning, practicing and managing his career as an independent artist. The longtime Californian, now living in Arizona, is continuing to stay true to himself as he prepares for the next chapter of his life, even if it’s decades away.

Michael talks about:

  • What he loves about being a sideman
  • How getting out in the scene helped him break into the music industry
  • Diving in unprepared for his first big gig and learning on the road
  • The importance of how people feel when they walk away from you
  • The value of forging relationships with peers and moving up with them
  • His plans for after touring and drumming

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