357 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Behind the Scenes at Birdland

In this podcast, go with Daniel behind the scenes at Birdland – one New York’s legendary jazz clubs. Since 2011, Daniel has performed nearly every Monday night at Birdland, as part of a show called “Cast Party.” Daniel talks about how he got the gig, the challenges of “nailing it” without the benefit of rehearsal or a set list, and speaks with Gianni Valenti, Birdland’s owner since 1985.

What’s covered in this session:

  • The story of how Daniel scored a weekly gig at one of the world’s top jazz clubs.
  • The challenges involved with playing a high-profile gig that requires “nailing it” without the benefit of rehearsal or a set list.
  • Understanding why focus and concentration are just as important as chop and grooves.
  • A conversation with the owner of Birdland, Gianni Valenti, who shares stories of the club’s storied past, and takes you behind the scenes into the world of New York jazz.

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