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062 – The smart way to learn new music styles

I have been teaching privately for over 10 years and one of the things that I see my students stubble with is the daunting task of trying to learn new music styles.  They get so frustrated that they want to quit because they can’t play the style, don’t understand it or have no idea how to go about learning it in the first place.  The fact of the matter is, once I realize that they are trying to learn new music styles I go through a very simple game plan for them to use.  I have seen this way of learning new styles work most of the time.  It takes a bit of discipline, hard work and patience but with a little effort, struggling to learn  new music styles will be a thing of the past.  Remember that anything that you learn takes time for your brain to process and learning a new style is no different.  There are many drummers and musicians who devoted their entire life to playing one style and when asked what they thought of their talents they responded that they could always learn more and get better.  When you decide to learn new music styles think of it as a journey, not just a destination.

Listen in as I explain to you the game plan that I share  with all of my students, which has yielded more success than any other approach that I’ve tried.

“You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures.” – Charles Noble (Tweet this)

Resources and Players Mentioned:

Baby Dodds
Philly Joe Jones
Elvin Jones
Jojo Mayer
Jojo Mayer Drummer’s Resource Podcast Interview
Stanton Moore
Sonny Payne
Tony Williams