372 – [Daniel Glass Show] “Dissecting” Rudiments: A Smarter Way To Learn

When practicing rudiments, we are often so intent on learning the required sticking patterns that we miss the bigger picture in terms of overall sound and clarity. In this session, Daniel explains his secret to “dissecting” rudiments,  allowing us to develop of the role of each hand individually, thereby strengthening the overall result.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Daniel shares how he learned the concept of “dissecting” a rudiment from legendary DCI instructor and hall of famer Tom Float.
  • Daniel breaks down the concept of rudiment “dissection” and explains why it can be such an important addition to the learning process.
  • Daniel demonstrates the “dissecting” concept with the following rudiments. CLICK HERE to see a list of the “dissected” stickings for each one:
    • Single Stroke Roll
    • Double Stroke Roll
    • Single Paradiddle
    • Double Paradiddle
    • Flam Tap
    • Swiss Triplets
    • Pataflafla

Resources/Links/People Mentioned: