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409 – [Daniel Glass Show]: The Magic of Gene Krupa: An Interview with Brooks Tegler

In this episode, Daniel talks with noted drummer, historian and collector Brooks Tegler about all things Gene Krupa.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Brooks’ experiences growing up in a musical family and becoming a lifelong Gene Krupa fan.
  • How Gene’s incredible ability to connected musically with an audience made him the most recognized drummer in the world for over 30 years.
  • A look at Gene’s multi-decade relationship with Slingerland and how the two propelled each other to revolutionize the drum industry and the public’s view of drummers.
  • An overview of Brooks’ massive collection of vintage Slingerland Radio King drum sets and snares.
  •  A preview of Brook’s forthcoming book about Gene Krupa, entitled “GK.”

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4 replies
  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    Dear Daniel and Brooks,

    Thanks for this really enjoyable discussion. I was reminded of all the nice things Anita O’Day says about Krupa in her memoir, about how well he treated his musicians, etc. I was also reminded of the old days when drummers sat on their trap cases, and dug out two of my favorite photos, both of Kenny Clarke, and in both he’s sitting on his trap case: https://ericmacknight.com/wordpress/2018/07/23/sit-on-your-trap-case/.

    Thanks again!


  2. Shawn Martin
    Shawn Martin says:

    Thanks for posting the interview, Daniel. I’ve known Brooks since shortly after putting up my GK website in 1997, and he’s such an incredible encyclopedia of knowledge about Gene.

    • Daniel Glass
      Daniel Glass says:

      Thanks Shawn. It was a pleasure to speak with Brooks and tap into his incredible knowledge base about Krupa. Thanks for all YOU do on the internet and elsewhere to spread the word about GK and school the rest of us about his wonderful career and legacy!

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