515 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Let’s Talk About Gear, Baby.

In this podcast, Daniel discusses all things gear related. He breaks down his personal set up, explains why he’s partnered with some of his companies for more than two decades, and offers some insights about endorsements and how to develop your own relationships within the industry.

What’s covered in this session:

  • An overview of the companies that Daniel works with, and the amount of time he’s been using their gear:
    • Drum Workshop (25 years)
    • Aquarian Drumheads (25 years)
    • Vic Firth (10 years)
    • Sabian Cymbals (5 years)
    • Honorable Mention:
      • LP Percussion
      • Ahead Armor Cases
      • DrumTacs
      • Booty Shakers
  • The stories behind how Daniel got hooked up with each of the above companies, and what makes each of these companies special and unique.
  • An overview of the specific products that led Daniel to build his relationships with these companies. Links to all these products are in the Resources section below.
  • Important strategies when seeking to build your own relationships with companies in the drumming industry:
    • Only choose companies whose products you actually play, that you are familiar with and that you love.
    • Your attitude towards prospective and existing relationships with companies SHOULD be that you are their AMBASSADOR. Essentially, you are there to share with the world just how great these products are and why they are an indispensable part of how and why you make music.
    • Your attitude SHOULD NOT be that they are there to “serve” you, give you free/discounted stuff, or that you DESERVE their gear simply because you are a good drummer or have had some success in the industry.
    • Show them your own game plan for success in your career. They want smart and successful partners who don’t need rely on anyone for their success.
    • Show them ways in which they can partner with you that will benefit both sides and make for long term success for everyone.

Resources/Links/People Mentioned:

  • Drum Workshop: Check out the promotional videos I shot demonstrating the following DW products:
  • Aquarian Modern Vintage drumhead line, which I’ve used for 25 years.
  • Check out the History of the Drum Set YouTube series I put together with Vic Firth. Based in part on my “Century Project” DVD, this series has been viewed nearly 2 million times (but it’s just the tip of the iceberg information-wise, so make sure to pick up the DVD after you’ve watched it!).
  • I’ve been using the Sabian Artisan Elite ride and hats at my regular Monday night gig at the Birdland Jazz Club here in NYC. Check out this cool demo of this amazing line featuring Mark Giuliana. \
  • A great demo about Ahead Armor Cases featuring Mike Johnston.
  • Check out more about how DrumTacs work in this cool demo.