383 – [Daniel Glass Show] The Importance of Grip, Pt. 1

In the first of two sessions focusing on grip, Daniel unpacks the fundamentals involved with holding a drumstick, and explains why a deeper understanding of grip is vital if we want to play with greater clarity, consistency and articulation.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Why the word “grip” itself  is something of a misnomer.
  • A deeper look at the long tradition of grip established over a hundred years ago.
  • The three basic components found in every grip:  grip point, fulcrum (or balance point), and hinge points.
  • Every drummer, whether aware of it or not, must to establish some version of these components in order to play.
  • A general lack of awareness on this subject leads most drummers to play inefficiently – to not realize their full potential.
  • In Part 2 of this series, Daniel will address the specific elements associated with each of the three primary grips: German, French and Traditional.

Resources/Links/People Mentioned:

  • Dom Famularo’s “Drum Teacher Lineage” poster.