Vlade Guigni

532 – Vlade Guigni: Running down a dream

Vlade Guigni can accurately be labeled as hard-working, passionate, relentless, and many other things. One thing he is not though is lucky. For many people, it’s easy to look at someone like Vlade who’s had a successful career so far and point to luck as the differentiator, but it’s simply not the case.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Vlade had already built a successful playing career (no small feat) but chose to essentially start over by accepting a scholarship to Berklee at the age of 27, move to the United States and start building a new career from scratch. We know now that Vlade made the right decision but at the time, there were bouts of struggle, uncertainty, and thoughts of giving up. But, through hard work, determination and a dream Vlade triumphed and now serves as an example of what’s possible if you work hard enough.

Vlade Guigni talks about:

  • How growing up in the Dominican Republic influenced his music
  • How his Dad’s taste in music impacted his musical discovery
  • Choosing to be inspired by others instead of discouraged by comparison
  • How a good attitude will get you further in the business
  • Improving his English through music
  • Keeping inspired by talking to and listening to other artists
  • The habits he has formed that led to success
  • Much more

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