Harvey Mason

470 – Harvey Mason: An inimitable legend.

How can I even begin to describe the career and impact Harvey Mason has had over the years? As a drummer, record producer and founding member of the band Fourplay, Mason has left his mark on the musical world.
He’s appeared on records with Bob James, Chick Corea, The Brecker Brothers, Chuck Loeb, Nathan East, and Lee Ritenour. He was a member of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters. He played drums on George Benson’s multi-platinum-selling breakthrough jazz to pop crossover album of 1976, Breezin’…and we’re only scratching the surface.

So how has he done it all? Two words: Hard work. Mason is the epitome of a professional and credits hard work, discipline, and preparation as the key to his long-lasting success.

If I had to choose between luck and preparation, I’d choose preparation every time.

Harvey Mason

And as for legacy, Mason’s two sons Harvey Mason, Jr. and Max Mason have both followed in their father’s footsteps. Harvey Jr is an accomplished producer, songwriter and movie director and Max is head of A&R and Quincy Jones Productions.\

Harvey Mason talks about:

  • Growing up and playing his first gigs in Atlantic City
  • How he’s always found gigs
  • Studying orchestral percussion for years before getting his first drum set
  • Studying with Alan Dawson and Vic Firth
  • When and why he decided to be a musician
  • The importance of preparation and the right environment
  • How to stay creative as a drummer
  • His experiences playing with world-class orchestras
  • Playing with younger performers
  • Much more

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