Chris Culos

483 – Chris Culos (O.A.R.): Gratitude and consistency

Over the years since I first had Chris on the podcast, I’m happy to say that we’ve become friends and have kept in touch for the better part of the last five years. Aside from his generosity and support of Drummer’s Resource, what stands out to me the most is bis consistency. His band, O.A.R., have been gigging since 1996 and haven’t let off the gas since.

Maintaining a career in music is hard enough, but to do it at the level Chris and his bandmates have done over the years is a lesson in itself. Chris attributes the success to gratitude, brotherhood and the fans. These elements have bolstered O.A.R. as a mainstay in music and has resulted in nine studio albums, millions of records sold, thousands of live shows, major radio-play, multiple national TV show appearances, and charitable performances including the closing ceremony for the 2015 Special Olympics.

In this podcast you’ll hear Chris Culos talk about:

  • The key to O.A.R.’s staying power
  • How to keep the touring experience fresh for yourself and for the audience
  • His tips and routines for staying healthy on the road
  • The unexpected side benefits of practicing drums on the road
  • O.A.R.’s process for their latest album “The Mighty O.A.R.”
  • How to cover new ground as a band without alienating long time fans
  • O.A.R.’s tactics for growing their fanbase in their early days
  • Much more

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