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547 – Wisdom from the top 10 episodes of 2019

We released nearly 100 episodes in 2019 and while they were all great, there were some that resonated more than others. Based on downloads, we identified the top 10 episodes from 2019 and pulled snippets of wisdom out of them, including topics like practice, failure, self-doubt and more.

Episodes mentioned:

478 – Mark Guiliana: Art over Commerce
475 – Benny Greb: Better Practice, Better Results
473 – Jojo Mayer: The importance of Self-Observation
461 – Jimmy Chamberlin: The evolution of an Icon
493 – Adam Deitch: Carrying the Torch
472 – Michael Carvin: Finding your True, Inner-Self
470 – Harvey Mason: An Inimitable Legend
458 – Corey Fonville: Staying in your Own Lane
466 – José Medeles: The Stoic Drummer
504 – Jason Sutter: BIG Picture Thinking for Long-Term Stability

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