Derrek Phillips

482 – Derrek Phillips: The balancing act of a freelance musician

Derrek Phillips is all about meat and potatoes. Well, when it comes to his groove that is. (he’s a vegetarian). But don’t let the groove fool you, Derrek has facility for days. Coming up through the ranks of marching bands and orchestral percussion, the accomplished Phillips has multiple disciplines and can perform at the highest level with all of them.

With a resume that includes band and jazz director, touring drummer for Hank Williams, Jr., Grammy winner, session drummer, and his current gig, touring drummer for Brett Eldredge, Phillips has his hands in many different things and continues to diversify.

I first heard Derrek’s playing recently on Robben Ford’s “Purple House” record and new I had to get him on the podcast as soon as I heard the first note. And much like his performances, Derrek didn’t disappoint.

In this podcast you’ll hear Derrek Phillips talk about:

  • Finding his passion for drums at 3 years old
  • How he goes about developing his own sound
  • How he’s analyzed his favorite drummers
  • Unique insights on the playing of Tony Williams and Ziggy Modeliste
  • Figuring out how other drummers hear and feel the beat
  • How a drummer’s playing interacts with his bass player’s feel
  • His current thoughts on drum breaks and solos
  • Breaking into Nashville as a ‘jazz guy’
  • How he juggles his drumming & education career with being a family man
  • Much more

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