Nate Morton

134 – Nate Morton (The Voice): Going All-In

In this podcast I talk to Nate Morton, the driving force behind every artist you see on the hit television show The Voice. Morton, a light-hearted and often funny guy has a no joking attitude about succeeding at the highest level. His all-in-one, no “plan B” approach is what has landed him one of the most coveted drum thrones in the world….a hit television show. Nate shares his story of gradually building his career and why making the commitment to give it your all is paramount to achievement.

“Success is not a big step taken in the future…success is a small step taken right now”
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In this Podcast Nate Morton talks about:

  • How he got started in drums
  • Moving to LA and what he did to “get on the scene”
  • The misconceptions about “getting the big gigs”
  • Lessons learned from getting fired
  • Why he didn’t have a plan B
  • Advice for up and coming musicians….especially
  • His thoughts on success
  • Much more…

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Nate Morton Plays:

  • Pearl Dums
  • Zildjian Cymbals
  • Roland Electric Drums

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