David Uosikkinen

541 – David Uosikkinen: (The Hooters) Keepin’ it In The Pocket

David Uosikkinen’s career has lasted longer than I’ve been alive. As the founding member of the Philadelphia-based group The Hooters, David has seen international, mainstream success for four decades which isn’t easy to do by any means.

David is also someone who embraces change and was a pioneer in the technology shift of music when it moved over to MP3s. His ability to adapt landed him at MP3.com, which subsequently changed the music industry’s distribution and consumer listening habits.

David Uosikkinen talks about:

  • The early days of his band toughing it out at smaller gigs
  • How playing in different size venues changes the experience
  • The Beatles performance that changed his career
  • How digital music has changed the business
  • Embracing the inevitability of change
  • What motivates him to keep playing
  • His advice to beginning musicians
  • Much more

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  1. Mark Maiolino
    Mark Maiolino says:

    David Uosikkinen is more than amazing. I have nominated him to be added to the Walk of Fame as an outstanding individual and well deserved. I hope others do the same and also nominate David. It’s easy to do right on the web site.

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