Dylan Wissing

450 – Dylan Wissing (Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Eminem) Learning by doing

Dylan Wissing is an accomplished touring live and session drummer, including work for Jay Z, Drake, Eminem, Kanye West and the smash hit “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys. Dylan’s resume also boasts numerous commercial clients for television, including Behr Paints, AT&T, Banana Republic and others. He’s since been building up his name as a sample and sound-recreation expert, too creating sound libraries for outlets like Native Instrument’s Sounds.com.

Over the years I’ve become good friends with Dylan since I originally had him on the show in 2014 and what has impressed me the most is his fearlessness to start and grow new projects – even if he no idea where to get started. This episode is great for anyone has ideas but in unsure about getting how to get from zero to one.

Dylan Wissing talks about:

  • Creating drum loops and samples
  • His philosophy for taking on new projects and trying new things
  • Action steps for getting started quickly with new projects
  • How to avoid paralysis by analysis
  • Keeping up with changes in the music industry
  • The actual importance of gear
  • Learning about drums in the context of a mix
  • Much more

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