394 – Roundtable Discussion (Part 2) Time management, growing older in the music business and more

I sat down to catch up with my buddies Matt Crouse and Zack Albetta from Working Drummer Podcast about how we’re making out with our new career transitions, what we’ve learned over the past year since our last conversation and much more. The idea behind this round table came from the fact that all three of us were going through major life changes that effected our music careers in one way or another.

Nick / Matt / Zack talk about:

  • Catching up from last year’s roundtable
  • Opportunities in the music business outside of performing
  • The “Gig Triangle” – the money, the music, the hang
  • Allowing other things outside music to be a part of your identity
  • How and what we practice
  • Handling failure
  • Time management and finding ways to be productive throughout each day
  • Ageism in the music business

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  1. Frank Ferraro
    Frank Ferraro says:

    I enjoyed the honesty about accomplishments and failures. This was a very authentic listen!


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