How to make it in the new age of music

186 – How to make it in the new age of music with Dave Kusek

There’s no question whether or not the music industry has changed. Some say it’s for the worse, but others see opportunity in the change and are helping others do the same. Enter, Dave Kusek. Dave has been in the music industry for over 30 years, starting in music technology, then founding Berklee Music Business School online and his most recent venture, New Artist Model. New Artist Model is an online school to teach independent artists how to navigate their way through the music industry.

“Nobody accomplishes success by themselves.” – Malcolm Gladwell (Tweet this)

Dave Kusek talks about:

  • Being an early trendsetter with MIDI
  • Founding Berklee Music Online
  • Mistakes people are making as independent artists
  • Advice for getting gigs as a sideman
  • Networking advice
  • The future of music
  • Much more

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