Adam Deitch

493 – Adam Deitch: Carrying the torch

You could label Adam Deitch as an old soul, but you’d only be half right. Born into a musical family (Adams parent’s, Bobby and Denise are both professional drummers with musical roots dating back to the 1940’s) Adam grew up with a strong foundation of funk, soul, jazz, R&B, etc. But, what he’s done with that foundation is beyond impressive. He’s the member of the bands Lettuce and Break Science, has been nominated for a Grammy for co-writing and producing two songs on Ledisi’s Turn Me Loose album with his production team, Fire Dept. He’s also worked with artists like Average White Band, John Scofield, and 50 cent. To this day, Adam continues to push the envelope of what’s possible on his mission to honor the history of the last while blending electronic music with the music of his childhood to create a sound that’s as unique as it is classic. Adam’s latest work can be heard on the new Lettuce album Elevate, scheduled for release on June 14th.

In this podcast you’ll hear Adam Deitch talk about:

  • The current music scene in and around Denver, CO
  • Live bands like Phish, The Grateful Dead and The Roots
  • How Lettuce’s hiatus helped them move forward as a band
  • The benefits of having the right booking agent and the right manager
  • His advice for up and coming performers and bands
  • Underrated drummer Dennis Davis
  • The production of Lettuce’s latest record, “Elevate”
  • His process for coming up with new beats and song ideas
  • His routine for drumming-specific practice
  • Advice for drummers wanting to be more musical
  • Much more

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