361 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Eric Singer: Five Favorites

In the first of a new series called “Five Favorites,” Daniel shares a wide-ranging conversation with long-time KISS and Alice Cooper drummer Eric Singer about five key influences that helped shape him as a player.

What’s covered in this session:

  • A discussion of Eric’s formative years growing up in Cleveland, OH, where he was exposed to a vibrant and diverse assortment of music through his bandleader father.
  • A breakdown of five key influential figures who made an impact on Eric’s development as a drummer:
    • Buddy Rich
    • Denny Carmasi (with Ronnie Montrose)
    • Tommy Aldridge (with Pat Travers)
    • Billy Cobham (with his band Spetrum)
    • Simon Phillips (with the Michael Schenker group)

Resources/Links/People Mentioned:

8 replies
  1. J
    J says:

    Really outstanding episode with Eric Singer. This format is a great way to extend Daniel’s focus on influences/foundations. Singer is clearly deeply versed, but more importantly, this format allows the listener to understand WHY a particular 5 drummers or albums were influential to a drummer. The “why” part helps make us better at listening to and appreciating styles.

    • Daniel Glass
      Daniel Glass says:

      Terrific feedback! So glad you enjoyed the conversation with Eric and the format. There will be more “Five Favorites” on the way soon!

  2. Brian Wechtenhiser
    Brian Wechtenhiser says:

    I really like this concept and thoroughly enjoyed this first installation. I must admit that I had low expectations when I saw the guest artist, which illustrates my ignorance and assumptions regarding Eric Singer. Eric was highly informed and provided numerous sidebars and references which, along with Daniel’s insight, took this conversation down many enlightening paths. Thanks you Eric and Daniel! Please accept my apologies. I look forward to more installations of “Take Five” and the educational opportunities it provides.

    • Daniel Glass
      Daniel Glass says:

      Thanks Brian. As I am constantly reminded, keeping an open mind inevitably pays big dividends. Peace, and keep up the comments!

  3. russell
    russell says:

    This podcast blew me away. Eric had so much knowledge and insight to share. I listen to each of the artists mentioned and then returned to the podcast. It was so fulfilling. Keep up the great work Daniel.

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