Stanton Moore

288 – Stanton Moore: New record, new practice routine and relentless work ethic

Stanton Moore makes his second appearance on the podcast, this time detailing the works of his new album, why he loves teaching and why he’s busier now than he’s ever been – and he LOVES it. No stranger to hard work, Stanton keeps himself busy with touring with Galactic, teaching masterclasses, hosting is Spirit of New Orleans drum camps, writing lessons for his online Stanton Moore Drum Academy and emailing…lots of emailing. When asked why he works so much, he summed it up in four words: “I love my job.”

Stanton Moore talks about:

  • What he’s been up to lately
  • The inspiration behind his new record
  • His new practice routine
  • The motivation behind his hard work
  • How he’s come to love teaching
  • Stanton Moore Drum Academy
  • Spirit of New Orleans Drum Camp
  • Much more

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6 replies
  1. Nikos Anastasiadis
    Nikos Anastasiadis says:

    Cool interview!! The Greek guy here, Nikos, hehe!!

    Nick, I’m checking the site, man…Wow!! Lots of great stuff!! 🙂

    And of course, Stanton is Stanton…What can I say??? Unstoppable…The new album is amazing and SMDA is just great! Love it!

    Groove On!!! 😀

    • Nick
      Nick says:

      Nikos! Hey man, thanks for checking out the site…there’s a LONG list of interviews on the site, including another Stanton interview (Session 76)

  2. Ken Taylor
    Ken Taylor says:

    Great discussion about practice !! I’m going to explore the pomodoro technique. Already was trying using a timed process. Any thing we can do to improve our skills and use our time productively is priceless !!

    Thanks again for another session of valuable insights !!

  3. John Foster
    John Foster says:

    Nick – thanks so much for having Stanton on the podcast again. I got a lot of out of the discussion as I always do. In fact, I took Stanton up on his offer and used the Podcast discount and joined the Stanton Moore Drumming Academy. I jumped right in and asked a question on the Forum and got and incredible response back, including from the man himself, Stanton! I couldn’t help but think of those 4 hours a day he said he spends responding to emails!

    Thanks again Nick. Your podcast continues to motivate and help my drumming and keeps me company going to work!


    • Nick
      Nick says:

      John, that’s awesome! Stanton has been very supportive of me and Drummer’s Resource since the jump…super excited to hear you’re studying with him. He’s really one of the greats and an awesome person, too.

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