Mark Powers

229 – Creating your music career with Mark Powers

Mark Powers is a combination of hyphens. He’s a performer – author – educator – clinician – hustler, etc and because of that he’s been able to build a reputable career in the music business. Less flashy and probably more organized than a majority of artists, Mark develops a plan, sticks to it, and achieves what he sets out to do. These disciplines are seen not only in his playing, but in is body of work and relentless pursuit of growth and mastery.

Mark Powers talks about:

  • Getting started with drumming
  • The moment he decided to play drums for a living
  • Not taking no for an answer
  • Working with Alfred publishing
  • Effective practice VS playing
  • Specific ways of practicing
  • Favorite books
  • The 10,000 hours principal
  • His new 10,000 hours journal
  • Much more

Resources / Links / People mentioned:

Mark Powers Plays:

  • Tycoon Percussion
  • REMO Drumheads
  • SABIAN Cymbals
  • Cajon Brush

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  1. Mark Powers
    Mark Powers says:

    Nick! Huge thanks yet again for having me on your podcast. I really hope we brought some value to other players/teachers/what-have-you who might give a listen. You do incredible work with this, and it is a treat and honor to be even a small part of it!

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