Paul Durante

124 – How to grow your audience with Paul Durante from The Ultimate Entrepreneur

In this podcast I talk to Paul Durante, a radio and media veteran who has successfully navigated his way to the top of both radio and podcasting. Paul is currently the co-host of the Ultimate Entrepreneur with Jay Abraham, who is known as the $9 Billion man for his unparalleled expertise in business, growth and success. Paul is an expert in audience building, networking and creating a competitive advantage for yourself to get yourself heard in the noisy world of media.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso (Tweet this)

In this podcast Paul Durante talks about:

  • His early days in radio
  • How he connected with Jay Abraham
  • The power of “cold-calling”
  • Advise for musicians and bands to get their music on radio and other outlets
  • Strategies for growing your audience
  • The launch of The Ultimate Entrepreneur podcast
  • The value of “adding value first”
  • How to leverage and why it’s important
  • Growth strategies that anyone can use for the YouTube channel, podcast, website, etc
  • Much more

Resources and Links Mentioned: