Eric Harland

183 – Eric Harland: How to develop a deeper connection to the music

Eric Harland is a monster player….plain and simple. But Eric as a person, is much more that a drummer. He’s an introspective artist who connects with people and the world and uses his music as a form of communication. Known for his work with Jazz A-listers like Dave Holland and Joshua Redman, Harland spans the spectrum of genre and creativity. There’s non doubt why Eric has become so in demand, but it’s extremely interesting to hear what drives him, his connection with the music and the importance of being yourself.

“The present moment is the only moment available to us and it is the door to all other moments.” – Tich Nhat Hanh (Tweet this)

Eric Harland talks about:

  • How he got started playing drums
  • A chance meeting with Wynton Marsalis
  • Practice routines and shed sessions
  • Why he didn’t get accepted to the University of North Texas
  • His connection with music
  • Being present in the moment
  • The state of Jazz music
  • The business side of being a pro drummer
  • Much much more

Resources / People / Links Mentioned:

Eric Harland Plays:

  • Vic Firth Sticks
  • Sakae Drums
  • Zildjian Cymbals
  • Remo Heads

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