Andrew Campanelli PJ Howard

467 – Andrew Campanelli & PJ Howard (The Revivalists): Brothers in arms

The Revivalists are growing. Both in audience size and band members. Drummer PJ Howard, the latest addition to the band (making it a two-drummer band) may be the new guy, but according to founding drummer, Andrew Campanelli, PJ is a family member who just arrived a little late to the party.

While playing with another drummer may seem daunting and borderline competitive it’s the complete opposite for Andrew and PJ. The two seamlessly work together in a supportive, complementary approach to accomplish one goal: Serve the music. They’ve worked hard to develop their own style to be both independent and unique while at the same time subservient to the greater good – and it shows.

Andrew Campanelli & PJ Howard talk about:

  • The Revivalists’ rise in fame in recent years
  • The importance of building relationships in the music industry
  • How they consider themselves lucky as a band
  • How Andre & PJ sync with each other as a drumming duo
  • PJ Howard’s journey that led to joining The Revivalists
  • The origin of the name ‘The Revivalists’
  • Channelling the spirit of New Orleans in their music
  • Staying open to new ideas when playing live
  • How key it is to educate yourself on the business side of music
  • Focusing on the micro and macro aspects of making music
  • Songwriting and creating different versions of songs
  • Hard work and preparation

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