Joe Plummer

351 – Joe Plummer (Cold War Kids) A journeyman’s guide to juggling multiple bands

Joe Plummer is a journeyman, having manned the throne behind seminal acts like Modest Mouse, The Shins, The Black Heart Procession, Mister Heavenly, The Magic Magicians and many others. Currently Joe is with Cold War Kids and finding himself in a familiar role: Stepping in to replace a former drummer and trying to honor the music while adding his own unique signature to the sound. Having replaced many notable drummers in the past, Joe is the right man for the job.

Joe Plummer talks about:

  • Getting into drumming
  • His short stint with formal education
  • Why he wishes he learned to read music
  • Taking the first step to just “start” a band
  • Touring with Foo Fighters
  • Growing up in Seattle with Nirvana and the Grunge Scene
  • His approach to replacing a drummer
  • How to rehearse
  • Much more

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